PhD/dissertation PPP

In his PhD research, Eversdijk focuses on Public Private Partnerships (PPP) used for national infrastructure projects. Eversdijk investigated the decisions made by politicians (including ministers, provincial and municipal executives) and civil servants in determining the use of PPPs for national infrastructure projects for a quarter of a century (1986-2011).

The central research question of this PPP-study can be divided into three sub questions:
a. What were the decisions made by national governments (ministers) and other decision-makers involved in PPPs between 1986 and 2011 for or against the use of PPPs for infrastructure projects?
b. In the case of decisions in favour of PPPs, which form of PPP was chosen, and why?
c. What were the motives for decision-making in infrastructure PPP projects in comparison with area development projects?

Eversdijk carried out two types of research to answer the research questions: an exploratory qualitative study and a number of in-depth case studies. The exploratory study has three components. First, an analysis of consecutive Dutch governments’ ambitions towards PPPs and the development of their respective motives behind using PPPs. Second, an analysis of civil servants’ ambitions towards PPPs and the internal barriers that existed during 25 years (1986-2011). This part of the study is based on internal policy documents, original project data and numerous interviews with relevant decision-makers and policy-makers at the national level.
Third, an analysis of the application of an analytical document, the Public Private Comparator (PPC), used within decision-making processes of PPPs for national infrastructure projects. The PPC is a Dutch decision instrument to determine whether PPP will achieve financial benefits compared to more traditional forms of ‘partnerships’.
The case studies consist of further analyses of the decision-making process associated with four infrastructure projects and two area development projects (alliances). For more information, see the Summary.

Eversdijk en Korsten

Dr. Arno Eversdijk (l) and prof.dr. Arno Korsten (r).

PhD candidate and supervisore
A.W.W. (Arno) Eversdijk (1972) studied Public Administration and is now senior procurement manager at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.  

Supervising Prof. Dr. A.F.A. (Arno) Korsten is an Honorary Professor at Maastricht University (Faculty of Law) and Professor Emeritus of Public Administration at the Open University of the Netherlands.